Purchasing Supervisor

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

1. Purchase goods/services, based on user requests in the form of PR (Purchase Requisition) in accordance with SOP;

2. Checking, discussing PR (Purchase Requisition), and providing alternative brands/vendors to PR makers, in order to get competitive purchasing prices for goods, according to the desired specifications;

3. Create and print a PO (Purchase Order) and send it to the supplier, so that the purchasing process can run well, according to the desired schedule and specifications;

4. Monitoring the realization of goods orders to ensure quality, quantity and timeliness of delivery, by coordinating with the warehouse department and matching travel documents/Packing Lists from suppliers when the goods are sent and checking PO Outstanding;

5. Check & submit reports to superiors, in order to provide a clear picture of existing conditions, according to the specified time;

6. Carrying out tasks and communication between departments related to purchasing administration;

7. Conduct supplier evaluations, to measure supplier performance so as to get the best supplier.

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Lowongan Kerja Purchasing Supervisor | Lowongan Kerja PT CT Advance Technology | Lowongan Kerja Tangerang

Loker Purchasing Supervisor | Loker PT CT Advance Technology | Gaji PT CT Advance Technology | Loker Tangerang
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